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Information about OpenSimulator and Tutorials on how to configure and setup OpenSimulator and its modules.
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sudo apt-get install automake libtool gcc 
git clone git://opensimulator.org/git/opensim-libs 
cd opensim-libs/trunk/unmanaged/OpenDynamicsEngine-0.10.1 
cp ./autogen.sh ../OpenDynamicsEngine-0.13.1mod/autogen.sh 
cd .. 
cd OpenDynamicsEngine-0.13.1mod 
sudo chmod 777 autogen.sh 
sh autogen.sh 
./configure --with-trimesh=opcode --disable-asserts --enable-shared --disable-demos --without-x --disable-threading-intf 

cp ./ode/src/.libs/libode.X.X.X.so /opensim/installation/directory/opensim/bin/lib32/libode.so

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